boesendorfer 2018-09-25 05:50:18
Looking for peace and quiet? A home nestled amongst pine trees, with everything you need, with Yotei views. 55 inch TV, high end piano, hand crafted Japanese pottery, even a power rack indoors for your workout needs. Can easily accommodate 5-7. 6 minute drive to Moiwa, 8 minute drive to Annupuri. If you'd like pictures and more details, please leave your email in the comments below.
Ben-Fyfe (2018-10-05 19:26:54)
Hey there,
Your advert definitely fits the description for me and my partner.
You can send me an email with all the information

simonaaaaaa (2018-10-13 14:53:29)
Hi! Please give us a message with more information, thank you in advance
Simona and Jimmy
boesendorfer (2018-10-14 03:02:55)
Sure thing, Simona. Email address where I can send the info?
simonaaaaaa (2018-10-14 19:32:39)
Ah yes, good idea :)
Thank you!
boesendorfer (2018-10-14 21:19:12)
Thanks Simona. Information sent!