amandaletran 2018-08-19 18:57:00
We are a married couple (28 & 29 yo) looking for accommodation for the winter season ideally in Hirafu or Kutchan. Looking for a 1 BR apartment or a a shared apartment / house. We are super clean and tidy people, love to cook and easy going. Happy to live with housemates. Thanks! Amanda
Danny64 (2018-08-27 08:24:35)
Hi i have a small 1 bedroom cottage for rent close to Hirafu what is your budget?
amandaletran (2018-08-27 15:43:02)
Hi Danny, how close is it to Hirafu? Walking or driving? Perhaps you could message me on whatsapp as that will be easier - +61422717336 otherwise by email Thanks!
boesendorfer (2018-09-19 13:44:49)
Did you get squared away with accommodations, Amanda?