Osasan 2018-08-16 04:40:13
A 4BDR house to rent available in Kutchan town, not far from Asahigaoka. *15 min walk to the town centre *Comes fully furnished *90000 ~ depending on the rental period *Priority on long term rent rather than winter seasonal rent We prefer to rent this house to someone who wishes to live for a long time in a quiet area in Kutchan and who would take a good care of the house. Send email to yamyamichocpop"@"hotmail.com
NisekoBlackCareers (2018-08-20 04:05:02)
Hi, I am very interested in the property, but your email address is not working even when I have tried variants. Thanks, Emma
Osasan (2018-08-20 07:36:45)
Hello Emma, I've been receiving enquiry emails so it is working. I'm sure you are removing " " from around the @?