Albanchx 2018-09-21 11:13:17
We are looking for a place to stay around hirafu for winter season. Laura from Cornwall, UK (26)and Alban from Chamonix in the French Alps (28) We already have work now we just need a roof. If anybody has a room ,cupboard sofa or floor to rent.... Any offerers or pointers welcome!!! We have been traveling together for the last 5 years and are used to living in share houses. We are fun, easy going, clean people wanting to share good times in the powder.
Snow Poro (2018-09-30 21:45:36)
We have a small house available 25 minutes drive from Hirafu
Rent is reasonable
Please email for more info and photos
edb (2018-10-05 09:30:46)
Hi Albanchx,
Me and my girlfriend (both from the UK) are also looking for accommodation from january to march and very happy sharing a house - I don't know if you'd be interested in renting a house together? I'd share the description of being fun, easy going, and clean. And very much there for good times in the pow! Email me if you're interested!
Ben-Fyfe (2018-10-05 19:32:02)
AND...... another couple from the UK who are looking and would love a share house.
There is a big one advertised for 5-7 people on this site.
HannahandMarcus (2018-10-06 16:46:31)
Hi everyone, just emailed Ed. Another couple from the UK coming out in January for our first ever season and it would be great to soak up some knowledge from anyone who has been before and perhaps know some people who are going before we take the ski season plunge! Looking for accommodation from January to March too! Open to all ideas!

My email is