OsloAH 2018-05-02 19:25:27
Hi! I am a Norwegian woman in her 30s planning on staying the season in Niseko snowboarding and working. Is there anybody out there who has a room in a flatshare available, contact me. :)
basti (2018-05-02 22:51:50)

i am basti from germany. i lived the last 10 years in the alps for snowboarding and thinking to change this session to japan.

at the moment i do not have any room for you but may be we can help each other. because i have no clue where i should watch out for a flat. do you have any ideas?
may be i thinking to rent a appartement or house and may be some of my friends will join me.

so would be nice if you contact me...

OsloAH (2018-05-03 12:23:12)
Hi Basti!

Deff need to help eachother out, what is your e-mail?
lucykbrown11 (2018-05-06 00:11:17)
Hi! My boyfriend and I are from New Zealand and looking for the same thing. Have you guys found anything? Thanks!
Lucy and James
basti (2018-05-06 00:48:17)

this is a "fake" email:


please send me there your email than i can sent you my real email address.

thank you
basti (2018-05-06 12:11:01)
i got your mail, but i cant read the email ;-) can you write the address in the mail? thank you.
Hanni (2018-06-25 13:54:04)
hey guys, are you still looking? I am Austrian (also in 30's), also spending the season with my boyfriend in Niseko, I may have found something...email me if you are interested: hanni.steppan@gmail.com
basti (2018-06-25 15:22:38)

yes we still looking. i send you already an email..
Charlofoto (2018-08-30 09:37:24)
Hello everyone, thanks for starting this thread OsloAH!

My boyfriend and I are also looking for a quiet, affordable place to stay this season. We are 31 & 28 respectively and from bonnie Scotland.

How is everyone doing on the flat hunt? Anyone still need a place to stay?
basti (2018-08-30 09:56:31)

yes we are still looking for something...
basti (2018-08-30 09:56:40)

yes we are still looking for something...
doctr_zaius (2018-10-11 02:05:48)
I'm still looking for something in a share house. 30's snowboard instructor. Arriving December 9 th