PuchiUchi 2013-03-03 15:11:45
Work for accommodation (and food) in Kutchan.... Especially wanted are people with a top international skiing qualification, or some Japanese skills, or international driving license, or IT and wordpress skills, or good at marketing around the ski resort about our activities, or good at cooking vegetarian and being a house mum. Everyone needs to be really keen and enthusiastic and flexible (not a clock watcher) and willing to pitch in with anything needed. We will probably have a car going up to Hirafu for the first lift most, but not all mornings, and lift pass available. If interested send a CV and photo and tell us when you would arrive and when you would leave.
O-Skier (2013-11-08 03:09:54)
Hi there. My names is Chris Davies from England. This sounds like an extremely interesting opportunity, I'd like to find out more about. I have a degree in Advertising and Marketing. I have a wealth of knowledge in Social Media Marketing and I am currently building my own Wordpress site -> www.cdavies.me .

My Girlfriend and I are looking for a place together. We would be arriving in Niseko on the 22nd of Oct and currently have plans to leave in april, however I am flexible to stay longer. I have a visa for a year. I am an advanced skier, although I dont have my qualifications, I am looking at doing my Mountain Guiding Courses whilst I am there. I have my international drivers licence. I currently have a job lined up in Demo working retail/ rentals and a bar job, but I am open to other opportunities.

My Girlfriend also has work lined up. She is doing her Masters in PR and Marketing, Speaks Japanese and has her licence also.

Where could I send my CV to please? However all my details can be found on my website and LinkedIn.

Kind Regards,
Chris Davies
PuchiUchi (2013-11-08 08:02:58)
puchiuchi2@gmail.com for CVs please. Thanks.
DAIKI (2014-06-08 14:33:52)