wijtravers 2016-11-11 13:28:06
Hi everyone, this is an urgent request. I'm looking for the cheapest possible accommodation in Niseko for a group of 5 between 2nd Jan 2017 - 29th Jan 2017: please please can anybody help? We're coming on the skip trip of a lifetime, but our accommodation plans fell through and we're a bit desperate, so if anybody knows of anybody, friends, family, contacts who might be able to sort us out, we'll make it up to you!
nisekopowderhostel (2016-11-15 07:58:28)
Hello, we're a new hostel in town and can help you out. Our rates are $60 AUD per night and we'll do a deal for all five of you, but we only have room for 3 on the 2nd of January, and 3 again on 8th and 9th of January. So will have to figure something out. We are at http://www.nisekopowderhostel.com