Hiro 2017-11-20 08:18:03
<Bench Press Set> Size(mm):W1300×D1370×H2050 Seat(mm):W1120 Weight(kg):41 Exercise Type: Bench Press/Incline Press/Butterfly/Arm Curl/Press Down/Sit Up/Lat Pull Down/Leg Raise/Leg Curl Market Price:¥47,000 <Ab Back Bench> Size(mm):W1000×D1410×H820 Seat(mm):W350〜290×D350 Weight(kg):35kg Exercise Type: Ab Crunch/Back Extension Market Price:¥46,000 Plus: Bench Safty:Market Price:¥10,000 Barbell Shaft(160cm):Market Price:¥11,000 Dumbbell Shaft(40cm) x2:Market Price:¥6,000 x2 Weight Plates: 15kgx2:Market Price:¥12,000 x2 10kgx2:Market Price:¥8,000x2 7.5kgx2:Market Price:¥6,000x2 5kgx2:Market Price:¥4,000x2 2.5kgx4:Market Price:¥2,000x4 1.25kgx4:Market Price:¥1,000x4 Total Price:¥198,000 ........... for Sale Price:¥55,000 I used less than 10 times. Pickup only !! I need your help to take machine apart when you carry out from the storage. Contact me :wavewf@gmail.com Hiro