Seemore 2017-01-02 05:40:07
Ridden for 90 Minutes Prefer My Birdman As New 64000JPY or $750AUD
beaudids (2017-01-02 16:51:16)
Would be keen as to buy right away if I can take her out for a test run. Can throw on a deposit for a run.
Seemore (2017-01-02 23:06:45)
Hey yeah no probs not sure if it came up on the add I am in Rusustsu
beaudids (2017-01-08 18:38:00)
Can I take it out this Friday at Rusutsu. Happy to buy afterwards if she works out good. Or throw on a deposit.
Seemore (2017-01-09 00:32:22)
Hi Beudids I am heading home Thursday last bus 5pm
beaudids (2017-01-09 11:02:10)
Thursday morning good for you at Rusutsu? Just take her out for a few runs.
Seemore (2017-01-09 22:42:37)
yeah just let me know where and when you want to meet
beaudids (2017-01-10 05:39:47)
Thursday morning in the main ticket office lobby. Lets say 8.30
Seemore (2017-01-10 07:30:40)
Sounds good see you then
beaudids (2017-01-11 22:58:28)
Be 10 min late.
Seemore (2017-01-11 23:05:22)
No probs
beaudids (2017-01-11 23:44:45)
Hotel side ticket office yeah? Here now.