Willhue 2016-12-25 00:28:12
Salomon Derby 147 and Flow NX2-GT bindings (25cm at base) used less than 5 times. 円40,000 set -or- 円25,000 board and 円20,000 bindings Pick up: Alpen Hotel lobby
Willhue (2016-12-25 11:20:49)
Board just sold, sorry. Bindings available, but fit around a US 9.5 to 11. I can check box if you are interested.
konrad4 (2017-01-04 09:30:17)
Hey could you email me as I cant find your email? konrad_k4@hotmail.com
Willhue (2017-01-04 11:59:50)
Sorry, all sold