Gavinx 2015-01-13 14:15:10
I have a honda snow blower for sale. Has less than 100 hours on it and is in excellent condition. Bought new in 2014 See specs and pictures here 300,000 yen
barberry (2015-01-16 09:54:24)
Hi Gavinx,

will you take 250,000 for it, where is it located?
barberry (2015-01-17 07:10:21)
is this still available,


Gavinx (2015-01-17 07:14:06)
Yes it is available.

I am located in Kutchan, a couple minutes walk north of Coop.
You call me on 080 4504 8159 to arrange an inspection.

barberry (2015-01-17 07:51:09)
Hi Gavin,

I am in Aus at the moment but will be in Kutchan Monday night, we are not far from you by the sounds of things.

I will give you a call, prepared to take it site unseen if 250000 is ok.

Gavinx (2015-01-17 08:00:21)
Split the diff at 275. This is a very loved unit in perfect nick. Comes with cover.
barberry (2015-01-17 10:15:24)
Thank Gavan,

Thats probably stretching me to far, can do it at 260
barberry (2015-01-18 13:37:40)
ok 270 and I'll pay for it on Tuesday, but can't do anymore sorry.
barberry (2015-01-20 17:38:31)
Hi Gavan,

Arrived today, if it's still available I'd like to have a look a it tomorrow afternoon if possible.
Gavinx (2015-01-20 19:18:29)
Yep, still available.

That sounds good, day off tomorrow so the afternoon would be okay. Say something like 3:30 but in any case give me a call on the number above.
barberry (2015-01-20 19:49:53)
ok, where do you live
Gavinx (2015-01-20 20:42:37)
How about you call me...or I can meet you.
barberry (2015-01-20 20:46:13)
i'll give you a call tomorrow arvo
barberry (2015-01-22 07:04:16)
Hi Gavan,

does the blower go any faster than when you showed me yesterday, thinking od walking it back but at that speed it would take forever.
Gavinx (2015-01-22 07:19:11)

It travels at a relaxed walking pace.
The best way would be through the back streets...maybe randomly clearing a couple of drives :-)
barberry (2015-01-22 07:23:46)
Can you fill it with petrol, dont want to run out on the way back. I will walk down, what time would suit you
Gavinx (2015-01-22 22:27:12)