Gtrain 2008-12-29 15:30:02
Hi Guys, I need some advice. I didn't get off my a@se and get early discount season passes so I am looking down the barrel of some serious Yen spending. My wife and I are going to be in Niseko for 4 weeks from the 7/1/09. Normally I woul djust grab a Niseko free passport but it is for 21 out of 24 days (100,000 yen). At the end of that we would probably have to get another 4 days to a week pass as we will probably want to spend as much time on the hill as possible near the end of the holiday (more Yen ++). Since we never go to Higashiyama I was thinking of getting a 4 week pass for Niseko (42,000 yen) plus an Annupuri season pass (53,000 yen) for a total of 95,000 Yen. ......Then I remembered that sometimes to traverse to Annupuri we needed to use the top Higashiyama lift when Niseko's was closed... Then i decided I had a gutfull of thinking about it and thought I would ask you guys. By the way, please don't ask why I didn't get an early bird season pass. I am still asking myself the same question. Sorry for the long post. cheers, Greg
legacy (2008-12-29 15:35:35)
Wuttup G!

How many hours do you plan to ride/ski per week? The 50 hour all-mountain pass for JPY 46,000 might be a good deal, depending on how much you plan to ride. You don't have to pay for time you're not riding. Ski more than your wife? Use her 50 hour pass when yours runs out.
Gtrain (2008-12-29 16:31:34)
Cheers Chris. I'll look into it. It's doing my head in. I think it was easier when we came on Package deals and just gave over a fist of cash. Ignorance is bliss if ya know what I mean.

The first time I came over with some mates was in '99 and we didn't even know Annupuri side existed. Just that if we went down that direction, we couldn't get back. The Niseko free passport didn't exist.

You would think I would have my sh!t sorted out by now. Well you would be mistaken. Haven't even looked at transfers from the airport to Niseko yet.
Gtrain (2008-12-29 16:59:00)
I had a read on the web site but I am still not sure how the 50 hour tickets work. Obviously it has to be when you tag on for the day, but when does it stop? If you go for a ride for an hour or two first thing in the morning, do you get docked for 11 hours? (e.g till 9pm)

I know it is a dumb question but I am on a roll....
Hado (2008-12-29 19:30:06)
For the 50 hour ticket the first hour starts when you first enter a lift gate and doesn't log anything for the next hour.

For example, if you enter at 9.15am and use the lift up until 10.10am depending where you go you could still be skiing/boarding at 10.30am and only log an hour.

I used 50 hours in about two weeks using it each day with careful management earlier in the year. I was in Niseko for 28 days and just bought an all mountain pass for the remaining time.

Carefully managed, which just means don't go the lunch as you just logged an hour and make sure your last run of the hour is just before the hour ends, you can get away with using about 4 hours a day and ski/board most of the day.
Gtrain (2008-12-30 06:59:46)
Thanks Hado