Gtrain 2009-01-02 08:46:07
We are back in Niseko next and I have decided I want to try and buy a gentem 172 speedy. I have been renting and borrowing this board for about 6 years and I wouldn't mind getting my own. I have tried contacting the gentem crew through their website e-mail and also tried on the online store but it said they were sold out (I think?). Does anyone know apart from the showroom anyone I can try and contact. I could wait till next week but last year I tried and it was about a 4 day to a week wait to get one in, and this year I would be keen to order one before I arrive. Can anyone help? cheers, G
Pow!!! (2009-01-02 13:17:00)
They run a blog and seem to use it more than their website. May be a good place to find that info.

Is [url=]this[/url] the contact info you used?
fax   0136-22-5589 
Tel   0136-22-5581
Pow!!! (2009-01-02 13:21:47)
Gtrain (2009-01-02 17:12:46)
Thanks Powzel. As it is normaly the way someone contacted me after I wrote on this forum. They have been very helpful. Looks like they might not have any in stock. I have to find out next week.

Thanks for the link to the blog.

Not long now. Totally stoked.