Gtrain 2008-12-18 19:03:36
Happy birthday Christopher! Have a good one.....
legacy (2008-12-18 21:16:23)
Good eye, thanks for noticing. Birthdays aren't as eventful as they used to be: Just took a 3 hour nap. :cheer: Now I can power through a long beer night at the local watering hole!
Gtrain (2008-12-18 21:52:28)
No worries, didn't know what all those symbols meant so scrolled over them and noticed todays date.

Have a good night.

may tomorrow bring you little or no hangover...:laugh:

ps. nana naps rock!
tdes (2008-12-18 22:46:36)
:) :cheer: :lol: :side: :P Happy Birthday!!!
Fetyukov (2008-12-20 14:05:30)
Aye, all the best for the other day, you old reprobate. Enjoy the crisis, both economic and approaching midlife and I'll see you down on the docks selling snogs for a farthing before this is through ;)