Gtrain 2009-12-02 10:00:22
Lads/Ladettes, I have a a small two bedroom house in the middle village and I am thinking of renting it out when we are not there this season (we are coming back for 3 weeks only, mid jan to early Feb). It's an old small two bedroom house. You may be able to swing a cat in there but he will be worse off for the experience. I know this is one of those "well it depends" questions but what would I be looking at roughly for rent? cheers, Greg
Chishiki (2009-12-02 12:09:51)
In-season, I've seen small houses in the lower/middle village rent from anywhere between 60000 to 120000 monthly, plus utilities. A really small house, with a requirement that the occupant has to vacate for three weeks, would probably be at the lower end of that scale. Find two people and charge them each 10,000/week or something? Lots of people [url=]here[/url]. Good luck!
eddieshingleton (2009-12-02 12:24:30)
If you do end up renting it out please let me know!
That Chick From Logistics (2009-12-02 12:55:26)
You can probably get more than 60000 a month. Too late this year, but maybe clean it up a bit and approach some property management companies for next season? You could be getting 30000 a night.
digglar (2009-12-02 15:42:51)
not without an innkeepers . Any management company worth its salt won`t touch it without one.

there are lots of open spots this year- will fill but I know a few places still looking...

60,000 is probably reasonable - if it`s not ghetto- up to 100,000 mayyyybe.

The three weeks is the kicker. Anyone that doesnt have something lined up wont know anyone to crash with for that long.
Gtrain (2009-12-03 08:26:32)
Thanks for all your input guys. Just needed to get a rough idea of what would be appropriate as we had been approached by someone to rent it from us.

We were going to leave it empty so we can use it mid season, but someone has asked.

barrycparker (2010-08-29 03:52:10)

I know this post is from last season, but i wondering if you still have this property and are trying to rent it this season coming? I am looking into coming to Niseko for the winter season from Scotland, and still have no where to stay.


Barry P
Chishiki (2010-08-31 15:46:07)
Hi Barry, welcome to The Kutchannel. You probably already checked but if you didn't find anything there to your liking, I would call around to the local property management companies and ask.

Their focus right now is on getting bookings for their owners in the peak powder season, but one of them is bound to know of a place that can be rented to you and your mates for the entire winter. Try these:

Best of luck. See you on the slopes!
Admin (2010-08-31 15:49:35)
Let's continue this convo here: thanks!