Andrew804 2014-05-26 20:34:13
Hi, Does anyone know how I can get internet/wifi installed at my house? What sort of plans are available etc. If you can recommend some providers I can do my own research. House is located outside of Moiwa. Thanks! Andrew
Hisashi (2014-05-28 08:24:13)

My house is located around Moiwa and this is what I did for internet.

Internet NTT Hikari; Try to call NTT first, may be required to speak Japanese. It is approx 1 month to wait for set up a line into your house. You should go to local gov(Niseko town?) if you find difficulties about this. *Do not give up easily even someone tells you about an internet line is not covered in your home area.

Provider; I use OCN. It is OK, i checked for price research and I got 24 month contract with discount.

Wifi; Used amazon to buy a router, it was junk. I got a JPY10,000 one(NEC co.) from K's denki and it is going pretty well.

Good luck!
Chishiki (2014-05-28 08:28:14)
I second Hisashi. NTT Hikari + OCN is best if you can get them at your location. It is definitely good to have a native speaker to advocate for you. And stay away from Plala... they suck.
ctankl (2016-03-20 02:12:08)
I highly recommend to use there are no commission fees. very good service, i used it to set up my internet in kabayama last oct