miles 2013-11-12 18:33:25
miles (2013-11-12 18:34:00)
Can you buy them before 23 Nov?
Chishiki (2013-11-13 13:53:35)
Hi mate. It used to be that they were jpy150,000 retail for an all mountain season pass but you could get a discount of up to jpy45,000 if you registered early. This early registrant system no longer exists to my knowledge, perhaps because so many people just bought a series of 50-hour passes instead. You should be able to rock up to any ticket counter when you get here and purchase an all-mountain season pass for 105,000. I think they do add photos now to prevent transferring or reselling passes, it's pretty grainy though. Pretty sure you've come across the Niseko United website before but it is worth revisiting, if only for the lift status and webcams. Let me know how it goes. Cheers, C

Ticket Counter = チケット販売所
Chishiki (2013-11-21 21:27:39)
Update: you can start buying season passes from 9am tomorrow morning 22nd Nov at the Grand Hirafu BASE just above the Alpen.
miles (2013-11-22 00:45:56)
Any idea on prices for the 2 and 4 week passes, didn't know that had them. Cheers.