miles 2013-06-18 20:03:07

Where are the best places to fish (freshwater lakes and streams) in and around Niseko?   What are the best times of year to fish?  When do the water levels in the river go down?   

Heading up in July.  Looking to do some fishing and learn about the places to fish.





Chishiki (2013-06-19 04:49:39)

You can get a bit of fly fishing done in July alog the Shiribetsu and score some trout. There are a few places around, like NOC, where you can do a tour for around jpy4000. If you'd like to book something in English try Niseko Discovery Holidays maybe. If you just want to rent a car and go explore just pick up some gear I think Homac would have it in Kutchan on Route 5. I don't think you need a license for river fishing. They'll prosecute you if you take anything from the ocean though. Here's a pretty good fishing map I came across that also shows what's running if you click on the month.

miles (2013-06-20 22:47:21)

You're a legend Chishiki!  Major Doomo.

miles (2013-07-10 19:04:27)

There were four of us, we went with Niseko Fine (Hiroshi was our guide, picked us up at the lodge, he was really nice and spoke perfect English). It was 20000 yen for about 4 hours (5000 each).  Hiroshi brought fly rods and bait rods (with bait), waders, nets.  He even took us by a stocked pond so the kids could land a couple trout before time was up.  Hiroshi was able to answer a lot of my fishing questions about the area, that was worth a lot to me.   Would highly recommend Niseko Fine/Hiroshi at 0136 58 3568.