Pow!!! 2009-03-19 02:57:22
a half-dozen well-trained experienced mountain men spend the night on a mountain in decent weather. rumour has it they were actually trying to poach hibernating brown bears for some jolly good nabe party to be held at the base of the mountain the next morning. but rather than tell the truth (they dig bear meat), they pretended they got lost or something, and 50 blokes and 3 helicopters were sent to save them. gullible locals... wasn't the gaijin that got saved, it was the bears!
coach (2009-03-19 09:15:06)
finally someone got the story straight...:silly:
coach (2009-03-19 09:21:27)
and don't forget the other group of 3 who were apparently with a Japanese 'guide' from that Furano company that does avi awareness courses, not mentioning any names...unless he was guiding them to look for bear meat or to try winter camping for fun, wonder how much that tour costs?
nikolaijackov (2009-03-20 10:47:57)
Actually for a short time only Dennis the dutchman will be serving marinated bear steak at powderlife cafe for 1800yen each. GET IN BEFORE THEY ARE ALL GONE
Pow!!! (2009-03-20 10:49:50)
Admin (2009-03-21 14:03:55)
I would like to hear the real story from the guys, if they are willing to share it. Sounds like it might have been an interesting night. Glad everybody's home safe.