Gtrain 2009-08-15 21:42:42
Has everyone organised their discounted season tickets yet? Only two weeks left!
Chishiki (2009-08-16 11:33:03)
My internal debate always begins this time of year. Will I really get the most value out of a season ticket? How many days will I get on the hill? How many hours? Etc.

the discount adult is 106,400

a 50 hour pass is 46,000

Living a few hours away, I figure two monthly 2-day trips to Niseko from mid-Dec to mid-April, ideally getting 4 hours of sliding in each day.

4 months x 2 trips x 2 days x 4 hours = 64 hours

rangi (2009-08-17 22:55:27)
how does one go about applying for a season ticket?

I could not understand how to apply form the weird English on the Hirafu homepage...
Chishiki (2009-08-17 22:58:42)
[url=]Apply here[/url] and print out whatever they send you. Hold on to that piece of paper (make sure it is dated), take it and your ID to a ticket booth, and you should be sorted. Stupid system, if you ask me.
rangi (2009-08-17 23:13:18)
kwheat (2009-08-22 22:40:43)
Hey Gtrain,
Cheers heaps for your advice about the early bird discount on the season passes! We've applied for it now by clicking on the link above, so will be able to get cheap tix (if we don't end up getting free ones with our jobs). Great to see you guys! Good luck with everything and we'll speak to you soon!!!