inkarebaza 2013-07-22 15:33:37

(1) Relaxation Masseur (2)Shiatsu Masseur

(1)(2) From 175,000~250,000yen/month

【place to work】
You will be working in Hirafu area. We have Hermosa angel 1 and 2.  Sometimes, visit hotels and condominiums.

(3)Office work.
You will be in charnge of daily sales accounting and salary accounting, report of the day and so on.

(3) From 1,000yen/hour plus late night premium



Driving customer from hotel/ condominium

(3) From 1,000yen/hour plus late night premium

Tip from customer goes to you directly!!

Short term period: from December15th to May 15th. Possible to renew contract.

If you want to work little earlier, please contact the owner down below.


Wroking Hours:(a)10:00~19:00 (b)15:00~24:00 
※8h with 1hour break

Normally 2 days off in a week, however busy season comes, 6 days of work will be needed.

Conpensation:Commute by car is allowed
commute fee paid
employement insurance paid
We have accomodation (one of the condominium we have.  All furnished and have rooms for each staff. 30,000yen/ month including water, electricity)
Season skipass!!!!

Please contact:090-8581-4579 (Sandra)
scj190 (2013-08-31 16:08:10)
Hello Sandra,

By way of introduction, my name is Sam Jenner and I am a 25 year old Australian seeking employment for the 2013/14 Ski Season in Niseko.

I am interested in the driver position advertised above. Can you please forward through an email address I can contact and perhaps discuss my candidacy with you?

Thank you in advance for your kind consideration and time.

Kind regards,

Sam Jenner