Paul Haggart 2017-02-12 12:15:59
Hokkaido Government, Shiribeshi General Sub-Prefectural Bureau has been collaborating with local companies and organisations to welcome and encourage foreign nationals to stay in the Shiribeshi year around after the winter snow season has finished. The Hokkaido Government has set up a program to assist people who wish to stay find work and as part of this program are also offering FREE Japanese language lessons to ensure that settling into employment is a little easier for job seekers and also for their employers. The FREE Japanese lesson is available to all people who apply for work using the Hokkaido Government Program. For more details check the flyer attached below or send a email to the Hokkaido Government Shiribeshi Sub-Prefecture Job Assistant using the email below. ------------------------------------------------- Date : February 15, 2017 Time : ①14:00 -15:30 ② 18:30-20:00 No Entrance Fee Reservation required via e-mail by February 14th. -------------------------------------------------
syvbruzeau (2017-02-20 05:24:55)
Hello Paul, I see the post just now, a bit too late. Do you know any other opportunities to get Japanese course? I have been trying all winter with no luck. Smile in Kutchan has been full and too busy. Thank you !