countryworks 2018-04-23 10:28:58
Hello! We run small company named Country We recruit farming worker, who want to live and work with us in Yoichi Hokkaido, from May to September. *About work Main work is trimming and picking of tomato and fruit trees, such as cherries, prunes, grapes, and apple. Work place is a traditional farm in Yoichi area. It is not hard work, so recommend to women too. If you speak some japanese it also interesting to speak with famer. *About a dormitory Dormitory is comfortable share house which was rebuild in 2016. Many young people live here, who want to be famer, and to start a business in country side. You get one bed in mixed dormitory, and clean shower room, toilet, laundly big kitchen, and living room. Share house URL is here. *Good point! We have so frexible workstyle. For examele. one worker start at 6 am to 12 am, and afternoon, do own business. Another worker start at 6 am to 5 pm, day off is only one day in a week, and earn much money. Minimum work time is 6 hour in a day, and 4 day in a week. Workstyle and lifestyle is up to you!! *About Yoichi area Yoichi is a beautiful town, surrounded sea, mountain, and farm. Old days Yoichi was popular by whisky blender that why climate is similar to Scotland. there are still famous whisky factory now. And recently it was popular by fruit faming and winery. It is easy to come from Sapporo, the central of Hokkaido. and also near to many tourist site, Otaru, Niseko, and Shakotan. very very nice town. *Other requirement and information ・We want a worker who like farm and nature, and can speak a some Japanese ・Term is for 5 months, may to september ・We can employ from 2weeks to 2 month, please choose prefer season ・Hourly wage 850 yen ・The rent is 1,000 yen per day. If you stay long time. Let’s make wonderful summer with us! Country Ayaco Kojima