Jc 2019-05-10 16:54:10
We need part-time( to help us to picking bamboo shoots in the bamboo forest.) Please keep in mind this kind of works can be hard, you don't need experience but you need to be self motivated. Work Time : About 5-6 hours (depend on day) day :3-5 days a week. (depend on what you want) Salary :1,000 yen per hour Term :Start around 25th of May to until end of June or beginning of July. :We started picking up bambooshoot around 30th of May. pick you up available no work rainy day We want more people who want to join us and enjoy rural life together. Any nationalities, any ages welcome. Thank you for your interest. If you have question , feel free to e-mail me!! E-mail: kazeban_18@yahoo.co.jp