RRKK 2015-07-02 07:51:23
For those who is looking for a hospitality job for the upcoming season. Monty’s Restaurant and Bar will be starting it’s recruitment process shortly so send your resume to the following email: xauragex@yahoo.com ● 4 chefs – chefs or cooks of all level are welcome to apply, ability to enjoy what you do, able to work as a team and a positive attitude is most important. ● 1 pastry chef – will be working mostly by yourself so time management is essential, basic skills required, further training will be provided if required. ● 2 Kitchen hand – anyone with the ability to listen to instruction, willing to learn kitchen skill or is interested in what the chefs do day to day, note that this is not a boring job where you wash dishes and peel vegetables ONLY. ● 3 Barista – familiar with an espresso machine, has at least 6 months experience in a fast paced café, we believe in quality products and passionate with what we do, we will be sourcing coffee beans from various different roasters this year so if you love your coffee and passionate about it, what are you waiting for! ● 2 Bartender - experienced in making cocktails, entertaining guests and love a good positive vibe, weekly cocktail specials ●6 waiter/waitresses – Individuals with great personality, ability to communicate well and entertain guests, positive attitude and various trainings will be provided for people that are interested in Bartending/Coffee making, anything that you wish to learn from the Hospitality Industry, we will provide as long as you love what you do! Limited amount of On premises accommodation is available ranging from share rooms, couple rooms to private rooms, note that we only Hire people that have a valid working holiday visa. Note that reasonable level of English language is required for communications among staff, Japanese language is not essential and the basics will be taught by our Japanese speaking staff.