PuchiUchi 2012-12-14 10:19:41

Work for food, accommodation and ski pass in Kutchan town. Will likely need any or preferably a combination of the following skills:

a. IT/web-site manager, good at social media, newsletters, secretarial work

b. friendly person to go around the resort to market our activities

c. cook/cleaner/shopper

d. driver/snow clearer

e. Ski instructor with top international qualification Reply to puchiuchi2 at g mail dot com

planks (2012-12-14 16:17:09)

I'm working part-time evenings for the season, so this might fit.

Where are you located?

Contact me after 8.30pm on 080 6938 7913 or roquet34@tesco.net

worboys (2012-12-14 17:39:00)

Interested. Confident and competent in A, B and C. Have a certificate 4 in IT, studied Food Technology units in University and love socialising and being active. 


email me at: rich.worboys[at]gmail.com