PuchiUchi 2013-11-18 09:44:39
Free Accommodation in Kutchan, food and use of shared ski pass in exchange for 6 hours work. As this is wwoofing we do not need working holiday visa. We will have a car going up for the first lift each morning and we only start work in the afternoons so you can ski in the mornings. Work wth our cultural activities organisation, doing marketing, or looking after our little household of wwoofers, or working in a small bar. Also helpful are International driving license, filming skills. Ski instructor with top qualification also welcome if you can work with us every am. 日本人大歓迎です。Please send CV and photo and date of arrival to puchiuchi2 at gmail dot com.
elm985 (2013-11-25 20:01:13)
Would it possible to come and work for 2-3 weeks in January?
What specific jobs and hours is the work?
marto121288 (2013-12-03 14:33:35)
hello, i did forward my resume and photo to your email address and would very much suit this role, here is my email MDJoconnor88@hotmail.com just incase, thank you, Martyn Oconnor