lennon 2014-07-20 19:12:29
We will be arriving in hirafu/niseko area in early November 2014, hoping to secure work and accommodation for the season. Anything considered just looking for responsible priced long-term accom and part or full time work so we can stay for the whole season. Contact pinyata.man@gmail.com thanks
Hurry (2014-11-29 10:59:12)

If you are still looking, Hurry-Slowly is currently looking for staff to work in a traditional Japanese style restaurant located in Hirafu. Subsidized season accommodation is provided within Hirafu. If you are interested more details can be found at: http://nisekojobs.com/employment/1004081/token=98aa822e6e2634d31bb3911f40eefee6

or you can email us at
Thank you,