jamesbrent 2015-02-06 04:02:25
I have been teaching English throughout China for over 3 years now and have been snowboarding for over 16 years with advanced ability and the patience for any age range. I am outgoing and energetic which I feel is mandatory for teaching success. I love the outdoors but just being in Japan for a few months or so would be amazing. I would be more than pleased to take a job teaching English, bartending, serving, and especially snowboard instructing. Please review my resume and If I fit your profile for a job candidate I would love to talk with you. All the Best, Brent James brentjhewitt@yahoo.com
nakayosikodomokan (2016-02-11 05:15:33)
Hello,I`m looking for an English teacher.It is only one day 12th Feb.14:30 to 20:10.in Kutchan.Because of son`s fever,our regular English teacher will not come.(e-mail)nakayosikodomokan@gmail.com /(phone)0136-22-2306 /E1 S8 Kutchan route 5 near KAITENSUSI YOUTEIMARU/