calbote 2012-10-26 08:22:14

Looking for work in Niseko / Hirafu area (as far out as Sapporo).

I am American, bilingual in Japanese and English, have worked in Niseko before as a guest relations rep, writer/editor for a magazine, interpretor, translator, VIP relations, driver, and tour guide. I have been snowboarding for 20 years and am a beginner level skier as well.

I have spent more than 5 years in Japan so I am very familiar with the culture, language, geography, etc. I also of course love the snow, have no problems living in it and have experience driving vans in city and rural areas across Japan, most specifially Hokkaido.

If you have any questions or inquires about my official resume, please contact me.

cheers~ / yoroshiku~

-caleb boteilho

goodsports (2012-12-02 10:26:56)


goodsportsはニセコでスキーレンタル業務とスキーバスのpick up業務をしています。







-sota okawa