lukasrad 2014-09-30 09:27:01
Good day, I am multi-skilled, hard working, responsible and determined to achieve best results guy who is looking for any job in Niseko. My main advantages are - professional instructor in different areas: kites-urfing, snow-kiting and snowboarding. I am also well acknowledged in hospitality sector, while working in hotel and restaurant management spheres have climbed through most of positions. Currently I am on student visa which allows me to work for 28 hours a week, and I could start at around very end of December after I finish my studies in Nagoya, I will be staying for a whole season in Hokkaido. My main goal is to achieve best results and meet your expectations as well as to try new working environment. Looking forward of becoming part of your team, Thank you. Respectfully, Lukas
nisekopizza (2014-10-06 11:41:22)
Hi Lukas,
Can you send your resume to us at:
Shizuka (2015-05-24 16:57:09)
Hi Lukas would you like to send us your resume at ? Cheers, Felix