kaybee 2017-02-09 03:26:10
I'm looking for part or full time work in the Shiribeshi subprefecture. I am a native English speaker and have lived here for several years. I also speak and read Japanese (including some kanji) as well as a bit of knowledge of Mandarin Chinese. I am an experienced writer, editor, translator, and teacher, and I'm currently working as a part-time English teacher. I have about ten years of experience as a teacher, as well as on-and-off work in customer service. I have a Bachelor's degree and I do qualify for teaching in Japanese schools and have done so. I like working with kids. I also really enjoy translation and writing work. I am flexible about work, I'm the wife and I'm just trying to help the family hold down the fort. I do have kids and would prefer daytime hours, but may be able to work out other hours depending on my husband's situation. Please contact Kim Bernard (me) at kaerondaes AT gmail.com, I can provide my resume (curriculum vitae, as non-Americans say), phone, and my physical address from there. Thank you kindly for taking the time to read this.