Chishiki 2011-01-22 09:35:00
dwarfedale (2013-11-04 20:19:10)
Could you deliver this to Yorkshire?
Chishiki (2013-11-04 22:35:47)
We can indeed. The water, from aquifers near Mount Yotei, will be delivered in a recycled Seicomart wine bottle for the low, low price of jpy500 + jpy50000 shipping. Mix it with local snow for best results.

pro tips: no snow? use ice cubes! too warm? buy an industrial freezer!
dwarfedale (2013-11-05 02:10:51)
This sounds perfect and exactly what I'm looking for. :-) To keep my costs down I think I'll collect it when I visit in January. If it meets the required standard of course.