PuchiUchi 2013-12-24 23:25:32
Has anyone else had to change Australian license into Japanese because they are a permanent resident? Do you have the road rules books in English and could donate them? Puchiuchi2@gmail.com. Very much appreciated if you could help out.
Chishiki (2013-12-25 00:17:26)
It should be pretty easy; Australians don't have to take the written test or the driving test. You will need a translation of your license (JAF does it for a reasonable fee) and take your passport because you'll need to prove that you were in Australia for X months after your driver's license was issued. There were a couple of other formalities, like an eye test, but seriously it should be a piece of cake.
PuchiUchi (2013-12-25 12:37:53)
No, person concerned wasn't in Australia for 3 months so has to take Japanese license.
batman (2013-12-30 16:10:09)
Kinda of a harsh response to someone trying to help you out no ?
PuchiUchi (2013-12-30 16:13:59)
Sorry! Didn't mean to be harsh and very grateful for responses...I am in a bit of shock about not being able to drive right now and the awful prospect of taking Japanese driving tests! If anyone has done this would love to hear about it and if possible to get or buy the driving rules books. Thanks.
Chishiki (2013-12-30 17:20:56)
Thanks for remaining vigilant, Batman, but no offense taken. I actually had the privilege, as an American, of having to take the driving test. Something about us driving on the wrong side of the road maybe. They also monitor your RPM pretty closely if you're trying to pass using a manual transmission. It is said that all gaijin fail the first time, I didn't, but a bit of Japanese and extremely polite deference to the instructor probably helped. Not sure why but I did lose points for not riding the curb... seems like a good way to get side-swiped or run over a kid of an oyaji on a bicycle, but keep it in mind. Puchiuchi, do you have to take the written? I didn't, pretty sure that would suck. I have never seen an English version; not sure if it is offered. Google was distinctly unhelpful on this subject. Best of luck!
huuiii (2014-01-10 14:50:37)
Hope this is useful !
gtfdr (2014-01-17 10:39:45)
I took the licence here and have the books in English
PuchiUchi (2014-01-17 10:45:13)
Thanks...do you think you could let me have them, or sell them? 090 6046 9708