kmyt 2020-07-31 12:21:08
Looking for a house. I would like to use since around this winter for longer. The conditions I have... 1. 60,000yen per month 2. Solitary house at least 2LDK is perfect 3. For 2 cars parking space 4. Surburb area is desirable
Psody (2020-08-01 01:41:12)
hello, i have one for rent, a bit bigger than what you expect, but you can always get flatmates
kmyt (2020-08-01 01:47:36)
Hi Psody thank you a meesage. I've been lived with girlfriend, friends for couple of years already and decided let's live just two of us. I don't mind how much house is bigger than my request if it's good price I can rent! Thank you!
nisekosnowshoetours (2020-08-01 06:39:38)
Have a nice 2LDK (2 bedroom and 58sqm). There's a post on here with pictures or please send your email to
nisekosnowshoetours (2020-08-01 06:42:28)