nisekosnowshoetours 2020-03-05 00:53:03
Staying after the season? 2LDK (2-Bedroom) unit available in Rankoshi Town (affectionately known as "The Kosh" or "The Rank"). Located 100m from Rankoshi train JR station so very easy access to Hirafu, Kutchan, Otaru, Sapporo & Hakodate. Almost afraid to mention all of the great restaurants/amenities Rankoshi Town center has: 2 sushi, 2 ramen, 2 izakaya restaurants, 1 supermarket, 2 Seico Mart, 1 Lawsons, 1 awesome gym, 1 incredible Yusenkaku Onsen (<10 min drive) & of course Ranran Park in summer for fishing and canoeing. 2-bedroom unit is a second story 2LDK of a duplex built in 2000. Parking available. Utilities/internet not included. Available to rent on a long term lease. This unit is cheap enough to rent all year long and to leave your ski gear in for next season. The drive to Annupuri ski resort is <20 minutes. Hirafu is <30 min. 12 month lease is 50000 yen per month. Unit is currently unfurnished. Please PM with any questions.