Admin 2013-03-01 09:53:59

On February 27th 2013 we received an email from the Niseko United Free Passport Committee regarding posts on The Kutchannel "advertising the prohibited, and under Japanese law illegal sale of Niseko All Mountain Lift Season Passes" and they have asked us to prohibit such posts. We will be honoring their request. Sincerest apologies for any inconvenience and thanks, as always, for using The Kutchannel.

Echosolace (2013-03-01 14:33:27)

What makes the resale of a partially used pass illegal? Seems like a fair trade to me.

That Chick From Logistics (2013-03-01 14:47:49)

Presumably the passes are nontransferable, and they might lose a pass sale or two, but I doubt the number of passes sold on this site would make even a 0.0001% impact on their revenue. I don't thnk it is a criminal offense though, I mean come on.

Echosolace (2013-03-01 16:24:10)

I can imagine it now, an underground lift pass black market, all on the darknet.  Tan tenchcoats, pockets full of plastic cards.  "I got whatcha need man... How many you want? 10 hours? 20?  I'll throw in a pair of boots to sweeten the deal."  

Pow!!! (2013-03-02 10:47:14)

I know a dude who sold a pass once. He was held in Kutchan police station where they continuously sprayed high pressure fire hoses at his exposed rectum until he admitted his transgression against the great people of Japan and was deported to North Korea. The End.

Echosolace (2013-03-02 11:07:10)

Lift tickets. Not even once.