DNA_LLC 2020-11-13 13:27:39
We, DNA GK, have been operating restaurants in the central Hirafu area of ​​Niseko for over 10 years. Niseko is an international ski resort area in Hokkaido. All-you-can-so ski or snowboard with amazing snow on your off. We are looking for experienced Chef and Sous Chef. Please contact to info@dnaniseko.com | Work Role| ・ Breakfast / lunch preparation & cook and train cooks ・Staff Management ( cost control, making roster etc.) ・ Cleaning and tidying up the kitchen ・ Washing place ・ Work cooperation with front staff ・ Food ordering and cost control (simple input data in the computer) ・ Kitchen hygiene management and guidance ・ Other incidental cooking and general management | Work Place | ginger restaurant Japanese creative cuisine restaurant Green Farm Cafe & Dali Western-style cafe where home-roasted coffee Temporada A hideaway Hokkaido dining restaurant | Required | ・ Experienced person at restaurants such as hotels and restaurants. ・Person who has experience in staff guidance, foodstuff / cost management, etc. or assistance. ・ Experienced person to create menus, calculate food cost or assistance. ・ Basic operations on the computer (email, Excel, Word, etc.). ・ Take things positively and build up a better working environment. ・ Person who like to please people | Others | ・ If you can speak Japanese at the level of daily conversation, you can have more communication and joy at work. ・We pay renew your contract as a full-time employee depending on your skills. | Working Hours | 6: 00-23: 00 * Business hours and regular holidays vary depending on the venues. | Transportation access | New Chitose Airport → Niseko About 3 hours by car, bus or train Staff dormitory → work place 5 minutes on foot ( located in the center of Hirafu area) | Benefits | ・ Staff meal (one meal per work) ・ Dormitory available (about half the price of last season!) ・ Company discount available (food and beverage discounts available at group stores) ・ Company discounts for Season Ski Pass | Employment form| Part-time job part Salary: 1,300 yen -1500 yen Hourly wage