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Miru Niseko is a destination hotel that fulfills the style of stay desired by small groups of guests. Guest rooms are available in both apartment and lodge types, It is only 5 minutes from the Nisekogran Hiraf Mountain Centre We welcome you that are motivated and cheerful. We welcome can work for more than 3 months, December to the following March. Even if you don't have experience, you can learn it right away because you have training. I have experience in training multinational staff. I will also back up your life in Japan.Work with us in Niseko, Hokkaido to learn Japanese and Japanese culture! Hotel name : Miru niseko address:北海道虻田郡倶知安町樺山 Reports to: housekeeper Salary: 1200円~ Working hours: 9:30~15:30(until 17:00 in winter) qualifications and experience : not required responsibilities: ・cleaning the room and supplyment of amenities ・Cleaning public spaces (corridors, toilets, and public baths) ・Staff recruiting and training Benefits: ・provide tranportation fee ・uniform lending ・Paid holidays and company insurance are available. ・dormitory of employment contact information: プログレノース株式会社  担当:松浦(matsuura),ベク(baek) MOBILE: 080-1494-9482,090-5640-6264