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Chishiki (2013-08-13 14:30:28)
I had the pleasure of staying here once several years ago. There's literally nothing but a snow-covered potato field and a quiet road between you and your view of Niseko's majestic Mount Youtei. Ezo Fuji is only meters from the mountain shuttle bus stop if you're here to ride, and if you're here to eat (who can blame you) it is also directly across from Hanajizoh, a local favorite amongst Niseko's many renowned bakeries.

As for the name, well, Ezo Fuji is one nickname for Mount Youtei, also known as the Fuji of the North. The original Ainu name for the mountain, "Makkarinupuri", doesn't roll of the tongue too well for mainland Japanese so you don't hear it often. However since "-nupuri" is the Ainu equivalent of "-san" (mountain) historically less prominent mountains in the area retained their original Ainu suffix, like Annupuri.