snowman 2018-11-12 05:16:56
Please check link for photos and details. you can also send inquiry via that page. Or leave your email below and I will contact you. Long term 240,000/ month + expenses , 4 months. One month rental possible / peak ~650,000yen / month (includes expenses) 4 People / please contact for month off peak month prices, March - End of Season.
JOB (2018-11-16 05:47:45)
Hi is this available for Dec 20 - Jan 20?
snowman (2018-11-16 22:04:25)
working things out but may be email us
Emily93 (2019-02-26 10:42:28)
Hi, would this property be available for long term rental (a year)?
Peterides (2019-07-02 01:54:55)
Is this property available for 2019/20 season rental?