Cha-cha 2016-08-10 12:40:41
Juicer used exactly once, still have manual. Blender is well used but works well. Give em a good home and they're yours, and if you wanna chuck me a beer in gratitude that's fine too! I can drop them off if you can meet in Kutchan when I'm doing the weekly shop, or niseko or Hirafu during the week. Oops just noticed I didn't rotate the pics, sorry!
Chishiki (2016-08-11 01:54:58)
fixed those pics for ya
Chishiki (2016-08-11 01:55:26)
BTW I think I saw some interest on FB =>
Cha-cha (2016-08-11 11:22:52)
Cheers x 2!

I didn't know about the fb page!
alvinyow (2016-08-13 00:48:06)
I have a home for the juicer! :)
Cha-cha (2016-08-13 04:22:29)
Ok, email me:

Very embarrassing email address...
Cha-cha (2016-08-14 02:23:18)
Oops! That should be