jumik 2019-12-19 07:03:33
Hi! I am a Canadian (26M) working in Hirafu for the season in search of more relaxed accommodation removed from the partying bustle of peak season Grand Hirafu. I am here to primarily ski and work, and absorb as much Japanese culture as is available while also hopefully getting a few tours in. If you have any available rooms you are looking to fill or are interested in going in together on a rental in Kutchan please drop me a line at jumi@protonmail.com Cheers
YUKIAOI (2019-12-23 18:21:42)
Hi we have share house infront of kuchan station,if you intresting
snowfloat@mac.com (2019-12-31 07:56:44)
If you are still looking for a room, please tale a look at the link. Thanks !