kutchanhouse 2019-10-30 23:48:50
Hi I have a room for rent for either a couple/twin or single person in Kutchan. The four bedroom house is newly renovated and is in walking distance to the retaurants/bars and Coop. You would be sharing with 5 other people in their late 20's early 30s. All the housemates work in various jobs around town including instructors, retail etc. We spend our summers in Jindabyne in Australia and live the back to back winter life. Majority of the house has lived and worked in Niseko long term, a couple of the people are new to Niseko this season. We are looking for a like minded person/s to join our home. For us that would be someone who enjoys a clean home, is mindful of others, good chats/banter and enjoys the odd house dinner. ** Please note: image of bedroom is not room available. Its similar to this, but bigger. There is also extra furniture going in the lounge and kitchen not shown. If your interested please email with some info about yourself to kuthcan.house@gmail.com Please tell us Your name Age Job Interests Picture if your game :) Prices are 51,000 for twin share (not including utilties) Please email for price for single if interested. Thanks Tareesa
NAC_shop (2019-11-06 06:24:04)
Hello. I am interested in this room. Is the room still available? I sent an email but failed to send it due to an error.
I hope to hear from you soon.
Thank you.

VeronicaCharles (2019-11-08 01:06:49)
Hey! My friend and I are interested in renting a room in your house. We both have jobs for the season and can pay deposit and first months rent ASAP! We tried to get in contact by email but it had bounced back.
You can reach us by
Hear from you soon :)
c_bax87 (2019-11-25 04:46:54)
tried to send an email too. take it the rooms booked up?
hd_88 (2019-11-30 13:26:12)
is the room still available??, tried to send an email but it bounced back
Travis47 (2019-12-09 11:48:09)
If this room is still available please swing me an email!