TAIGA Co., Ltd. 2023-11-17 05:55:38
Our staff house in Kabayama is available! The house has 4 bedrooms, with two single beds per room. Currently 3 bedrooms are available, so a total occupancy for 6 people. The house has electric heat, but additionally a cozy wood burning stove. It is equipped with beds and basic furniture, dishwasher, dual microwave/oven, fridge, washer. Available for a winter only lease, during December 1, 2023-April 30, 2024. If you are looking for a year long lease, please inquire separately. Rent : ¥72,000 / per room per person For 2 people, it will be ¥80,000 per room For electricity, gas, water, and kerosene, up to certain amount specified in the below is included in the rent. If the specified usage limits are exceeded, the excess amount will be deducted from the security deposit. Electricity: ¥30,000 Water: ¥5,000 Gas: ¥5,000 Kerosene: ¥60,000 Please contact Chiyono Ikeda at ikeda@taigaprojects.com for the further information. ========== TAIGA Co.Ltd., Launched in 2008, Taiga offers a comprehensive service in real estate & property sales, project management, luxury accommodation, property management, and development consulting. Taiga offers incisive feedback on real estate in Niseko to give clients a clear investment strategy, whether purchasing a piece of land, or designing an uber luxury chalet. Committed to the long term success of both our clients and projects, Taiga continues to assist clients well beyond completion. We focus on delivering exceptional service, and over 50% of clients are referred from existing clients.