Ellz7777 2016-04-15 03:05:30
Me and a friend have been absolutely shafted by our airline so are looking for long term ski bag storage until winter 2016-17. will pay 10,000 Yen per bag for safe storage. Please Help we are flying out on the 20th of this month Elliott
Ellz7777 (2016-04-15 03:09:26)
Email me at elliott.gowan@hotmail.co.uk THANKS
mcr44 (2016-04-15 08:54:43)
I can offer free storage in exchange for a days labour (renovating a house in Kimobetsu) or as you suggest, if you don't want to/can't work. mail me at padster44@yahoo.co.uk if your interested either way. can pick up and drop off.