Tareesa 2020-03-07 09:54:08
Newly renovated house available for rent in Kutchan. The 5 bedroom house is fully furnished and is one street back from the Izakaya district of Kutchan & a few hundred meters from Coop. Bedrooms Sleep 4X Double Rooms (can sleep 2) 1X Single Room Car parking for up to 6 cars. I am looking ideally for someone to takeover the year round lease entirely. The monthly year round price is 150,000. Utilities (inc internet) in summer were 25,000 on average. And in Winter around 50,000 a month average. Failing finding someone to take the lease, I am also open to looking for some summer tennants (please contact me about the rate) Please email kutchan.house@gmail.com
BOMBAY-SIZZLERS (2020-03-24 06:37:38)
Hi Tareesa `

Hope you are doing well `

Is the house still available ? and can we have a look sometime tomorrow or day after ?

We need it for our personal use ( not for staff accomodations )

Kindly contact me on 090 7519 6674