Chishiki 2009-03-03 02:14:39
Man breaks leg in Mount Youtei avalanche, Hokkaido Police to conduct rescue effort Early in the afternoon of March 2nd, the 110 emergency call center received a call that a man had broken his leg after getting caught up in an avalanche while climbing 1898 meter Mount Youtei. According to the Kutchan police, a group of four got caught in a slide around the 1250 meter mark, and Hiro Oobashi of Hakodate sustained a fracture near his right knee. The 3 other men, 2 from Sapporo and 2 from Niseko, have not suffered any injuries. After descending about 100 meters, the group gave up on trying to descend the mountain and called for help using a mobile phone. They are spending the night on the mountain, as the Hokkaido police are unable to conduct a night rescue. The rescue effort will begin again early this morning.
Admin (2009-03-03 14:17:12)
Couple corrections. They did conduct a night rescue (7 guys ran up the mountain as soon as the call came in) they were just unable to bring him down until morning. The group of 4 were experienced climbers and had set up a snow cave. When the rescue team got there they set up a couple tents.

[quote]羊蹄山で雪崩、1人骨折 スキー登山の4人全員下山できず(03/02 17:45、03/03 10:17更新)