Kuri 2010-02-15 03:17:29

"Alive after 17 hours under an avalanche

A 21 years old has been found alive under an avalanche after 17 hours. He was found conscious and with just mild hypothermia according to the rescue services.

The man was skiing off piste near Evolène in the Swiss Valais when he was buried by the slide. His family reported him missing at 17h30 and a search found a slide measuring 50 by 150 meters with tracks entering. However for safety reasons the search operation had to be suspended until Sunday morning.

At first light rescue workers in a helicopter over flew the slide and saw the surface of the snow move. The man was buried some 50cm under the snow and was probably saved by the depth of burial and an air pocket he had managed to create around his head.

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This is one holiday story that the kid probably could have done without. Very lucky to be alive.

Essential backcountry kit:

Beacon, Probe, shovel and BUDDY!