Black Diamond 2009-10-23 14:52:21
As the winter season is just around the corner, it's time to start preparing for the upcoming season. Do you have the skills and knowledge to ensure a safe season? Please join us on Friday October 30 when we will be hosting an informational avalanche presentation in Niseko at Yuki Bar featuring the award winning documnetary "The Fine Line", a ski and snowboard film produced by the Rocky Mountain Sherpas. The movie highlights Canada's worst ever avalanche disaster and the steps that have been taken since then to increase awareness, reduce risk and prevent similar disasters. Guest speaker Tomoaki Fujimura will also give a brief speech about avalanche safety techniques practiced in Canada and Japan. Tomoaki has spent the past 11 years in Canada working as a member of the ski patrol at several resorts, continually working to improve his understanding of snow science and is currently touring Japan to promote awareness of the hazards associated with backcountry skiing. Doors open at 7:00pm with the presentation beginning at 7:30. There will be a 500Yen entrance fee and copies of the DVD available from 2000Yen (regular 4935Yen). All proceeds from the event will be donated to avalanche control groups in Japan and Canada. . Please show your support and join us for this event. Thanks. Black Diamond Tours Niseko, Japan T: 81(0)90-2054-8687 E: W:
focker (2009-10-24 07:05:11)
Great to see someone/local company being pro-active on avalanche education, good move guys, im looking forward to the night.

Scott Bowman
coach (2009-10-24 08:53:35)
cheers to that, nice work
Chishiki (2009-11-01 23:51:42)
Presumably this went well? Wish I could've been there! Any links or anything for those of us who couldn't attend?
focker (2009-11-02 20:13:25)
Cheers to Tomo and the Black Diamond crew, nice work.

The night was based around the avalanche education film

"The Fine Line".

Should be quite a few copies around town as they seemed to sell well on the night, definitely good viewing for backcountry newbies or wannabes, i know i will be playing it regularly in the lodge to hopefully raise the awareness to the general punter.

Anyone interested in doing some transceiver/probing/digging training lets get it happening, post it up

Scott Bowman
Black Diamond (2009-11-03 10:42:41)
We had a great turn out, on eof the best Tomoaki has had yet. It was really nice to see so many Japanese in da house too. We also rasied more money for avalanche research, and education than any other venue..90,000yen! Niseko is and should be leading the way in Hokkaido. If anyone wants a vid, we will be selling them for the charity price of 2000yen and it really is a must have video. Very good extra features too.

I'm going out now to practise my probing techniques...hoping to find my lawnmower! We've already had several large rooflanches. [img size=640][/img]